Smart NID Card Status Check (Process)

Identity verification and citizen services have been considerably expedited by the use of smart National Identity Cards (NID). The e-NID card, also called the Smart NID card, is a highly developed identification document that combines a number of contemporary features to guarantee accuracy, security, and convenience for citizens. The quick and easy status check that comes with the Smart NID card is one of its key features.

A vital tool for Bangladeshi citizens to check the status of their NID card application is the smart NID card status check system. In order to facilitate the process of checking the status of NID cards, the Bangladesh Election Commission, which is in charge of issuing them, has implemented online platforms and methods that are easy to use.

Each and every current citizen will receive a smart NID card.

Smart NID Card Check

The Election Commission of Bangladesh handles all NID card registration, downloading, and status checks online. All Bangladeshi citizens can check the status of their smart NID cards online by visiting the official Election Commission of Bangladesh website. However, many citizens are unable to check the status of their NID cards because they do not know the correct link. You can easily check the status of your Smart NID card online by following the steps listed below.

Follow the step:-

  • First visit
  • Enter NID number or Form Number as NIDFN124578
  • Enter date of birth ( DD-MM-YYYY ) in this format
  • Enter the captcha code shown in the image in the box below.
  • Finally check the Smart NID card status by clicking the submit button

Smart NID Check By SMS

Apart from online, citizens can also check smart NID card status through mobile SMS. To check smart NID card status go to message option of your mobile and write SCNID NID Number. Then send the message to 105. The return message will inform your NID number and smart NID card status. Smart NID card can also be checked with form number. To know smart NID card status through SMS with form number you need to send SMS as below. Example : SC F Form-Number D 01-01-2000 and send it to 105 number. While sending smart NID card status check sms with for number you need to enter your correct date of birth well. Because if date of birth and form number are wrong you will not be Inform you.

How to Download NID Smart Card

  • Enter the NID Account Register link
  • Enter NID number or form number.
  • Then enter the password.
  • Fill the captcha code shown below.
  • Then click on submit button.
  • On the next page select current and permanent address.
  • Then verify the mobile number.
  • Install NID Wallet app on another mobile phone and do face verification.
  • Then after login click on the download link and download the smart NID card.

Final Speech For Audience

To make sure your smart card is prepared for pickup, it is imperative that you check its status in Bangladesh. You can complete this by SMS or online by following the instructions given.

For this process, it’s crucial to have your date of birth and National Identity Card Number (or Form Number) ready. You can determine whether your smart card is ready or not using the information supplied.

Smart NID Status Check via SMS & Online

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