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Non Govt School Admission Result 2024(Lottery Result)

The lottery results for non-government schools for admission in 2024 will be made public in December 2023. The merit list will be made available on by GSA. With your login ID, you can see the private school entrance lottery results for the 2024 academic year. You may view the 2024 Merit List admission results for non-government schools here.

At 3:00 PM, the non-government school lottery result for 2024 is released. The International Mother Language Institute is the venue for the virtual lottery. The non-government school admission merit list lottery result is then made public. The results are available here for applicants in grades one through nine. Your user ID makes it simple for you to check your results.

Non-govt School Admission 2024

The merit list for applicants to non-government schools is currently available for every class. Will pupils now be able to access your merit list of private schools? It’s simplest to acquire outcomes this way.When will you announce the results, is the question that the students are asking. The applicants will receive their GSA Result 2023 non-government today, December.

After the digital lottery was conducted by DSHE, the non-government school entrance merit list was released at 3:30 PM. You can receive the first GSA Lottery results at any moment via a variety of channels, including online and via mobile SMS.

The GSA Result is out today. The merit list for candidates in the private school entrance lottery is released by gsa teletalk com bd result.

Non govt School Result Merit List

Application period online ended on November 14th. The GSA released the result in less than a week. Every student now has access to their 2024 admissions results for non-government private schools. Applicants in classes one through nine will first review the merit list. The waiting list will then be made public by GSA.

Every student who has applied to a non-government school now goes to gsa teletalk com bd to check the lottery results. Results of the non-government school lottery for Bangladesh’s private classes 1 through 9 in 2024.

If you’ve forgotten your user ID, you can get it from the GSA portal. You must enter the 17-digit birth certificate number.

School Admission Lottery Result

December 2023 will see the publication of the GSA result in the digital lottery. Applications for admission to non-government schools have come in in droves. The website makes it simple to view the merit list for admission to non-government schools through lottery results.

The merit list for the Non Government School Admission Lottery Result was first made public by DSHE. If you have been accepted into the non-government school for which you applied, congratulations. Your school requires that you finish the admission process by December.

For admission to private schools, the lottery merit list and waiting list are released concurrently. If your result is not displayed on the Merit list, please verify it on the Waiting List. Examine your result merit list now.

How to See the Result

First go

  1. Gsa official website
  2. Choose the Merit Result Option.then
  3. Enter your USER ID.
  4. Then check your result

Result By SMS

For an SMS result check:

  1. Open the mobile SMS option and
  2. select GSA>Result>.your login name
    Example: Text “FKSFJOSFFS” to 16222 to receive the GSA result.

The private School Lottery Result 2024 After the publication then students can be viewed through or follow to their own responsible page or website if not check the school notice board.The results of the non-government school lottery will be released in December 2023. This year, there has been no admission exam. Instead, a virtual lottery is conducted online for the applicants.

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