Finally SSC Scholarship Result published -2023

The 2023 SSC Scholarship Result will be released on September 26, 2023. For students that did well in the SSC exam, the Bangladesh Ministry of Education publishes the SSC Britti Result. The SSC Scholarship Result 2023 PDF Download is divided into two categories. These are the SSC General Grade Scholarship and SSC Talent Pool Scholarship.

In his two years of college study, the candidate who receives a scholarship will benefit in a variety of ways. The SSC Scholarship Result 2023 has been made available on the Education department’s official website. Students in the education board are all familiar with the online result system.

SSC Scholarship Result PDF

The SSC Scholarship Result for 2023 has been made available in PDF format. The PDF includes a list of the students’ names who received scholarships. The list includes the name of the school and the student’s SSC roll number so that the students can be certain of his britti. The SSC scholarship result for 2023 is available here in PDF format.

Update Scholarship Result 2023

News update: 2023 SSC scholarship results Printed on September 26, 2023. Every student on the education board downloads the board scholarship results. Don’t worry; you must download your own PDF of the board scholarship results.

Here you can find the 2023 SSC Scholarship Result. Here you may find the scholarship results for the boards of Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Rajshahi, and Jessore. Additionally, the Technical Board Vocational Scholarship Result and the Madrasah Board Dakhil Scholarship Result are published here in PDF format.

SSC Scholarship Result 2023 PDF Download

Over 20 lakh students from 11 different educational boards have successfully completed the SSC exam this year. One lakh eighty three thousand of them received a GPA of 5 and around 17 lakh pupils passed. Britti is desired by students with GPAs of 5 or higher. But only deserving pupils receive the grant. Obtaining this scholarship at the SSC level has numerous advantages.

Download PDF

Name of the BoardSSC Scholarship Result 2023
Dhaka BoardDownload PDF
Chittagong BoardDownload PDF
Barisal BoardDownload PDF
Dinajpur BoardDownload PDF
Sylhet BoardDownload PDF
Rajshahi BoardDownload PDF
Comilla BoardDownload PDF
Mymensingh BoardDownload PDF
Jessore BoardDownload PDF
Technical BoardDownload PDF
Madrasah BoardDownload PDF

This SSC Scholarship Result 2023 is created using the SSC’s finalised test scores. In every educational board, scholarships were awarded to students of both genders equally. To view the names, students will download the PDF of the Secondary School Certificate Scholarship Results.

SSC Talent Pool Scholarship 2023

Scholarship results were made public by Bangladesh’s For All Education Board. The SSC Talent Pool Scholarship is only awarded to a select few students. The talent pool britti is only awarded to the most deserving and gifted kids under any board. The pupils that receive talent pool britti will receive 600 tk each month.

SSC General Grade Scholarship 2023

Compared to the talent pool scholarship, the general scholarship offers far more. Candidates who received general scholarships will receive 350 Taka per month. These students will also get a 450 Taka stipend every year for books and equipment.

Students who receive general grade scholarships will receive 350 taka per month and 450 taka annually to purchase books. All pupils are aware of the general scholarship results and talent pool. 2023 SSC graduates can get board-specific scholarship results. The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Dinajpur, Jessore, Rajshahi, Sylhet has released the SSC Scholarship Result 2023.

SSC Britti 2023

Both general and talent pool scholarships were published simultaneously by each board. You may check the SSC Scholarship Result 2023 on this page. You must download your board scholarship result PDF in order to view your SSC Britti Result.

You will search for your name on the list after downloading your board-specific SSC Exam Scholarship Result. Your name, SSC roll, and school name will be displayed if you received a scholarship. You won’t find your name on the list, though, if you didn’t receive the scholarship.

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